Pando — Latin for the act of unfolding to reveal

Chose a different format for your invitation, with a folded page using a beautiful subtle metallic paper.  

Paper and printing colours can be customised, here using a blush pink metallic paper.

Invitations are 110mm x 220mm


Standard print starts at £2.5 / invitation 

Customise all the information on this invitation, the colour of the text and the colour of the paper

Luxe print starts at £5.5 / invitation 

With Luxe print you can add gold, silver, copper or white foil to the text onto any choice of paper

Printed addressed matching envelopes starts at £1 / envelope, luxury cream colour envelopes

Digital starts at £80

If you are saving money or saving trees, order our digital version of the invitation. You will received a jpg that can be emailed out to your guests



To order samples of the invitations on the right please visit our samples page